Sunday, March 16, 2008

What Happens in Oxvegas, Stays in Oxvegas.

After some questionable decision making last night, we managed to peel ourselves off the floor and couches around Chris and Kim's apartment for a tour of the Oxford back roads, courtesy of Mr. Ryan Gamm. Despite the fact most of us would have rather been napping, the ride was pretty awesome. They have some cool narrow farm roads and they're pretty car-free to boot. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet the riding was in that area. JP was manning my camera, so here are a few of the shots from the day.

Also, the girls team I coach just got back from their spring break training trip, and had a box of cookies waiting for me in my apt. when I got home. Score! They know I'm really a fat kit trapped in this skinny body! I'm surprised they don't hate me considering one of the days workouts made them puke (that was my only real goal for the trip).

that is all.


Geraint said...

They only puked because of the drinking they did the night before.
That ride in Redlands is pretty exciting- good luck in THOSE sprints!

R.Knapp said...

Yeah, they probably just lied about it so I would ease up on the workouts.

As for Redlands... yeah I'm gonna have my hands full.

kyle J said...

Did you invite Neff on that ride? I don't see his carbon wheels..... Good luck at Redlands!

R.Knapp said...

Yeah man he was there... but he flatted his carbon "training wheels" the day before, so no dice.