Monday, March 3, 2008

Arnold Cycling Challenge

So my only real goal for this weekend was to get a sweet pic with The Govenator, and I failed miserably. I was hoping Arnold would be there shaking hands and kissing babies, but he was all business, or so I hear. I was warming up on the trainer pretty close to the Start/Finish and stage area, keeping my eyes peeled for Arnold, but I had to take care of my pre-race business. By the time I came back out, Arnold had already come and gone. I guess he rolled up with massive entourage, with 5 cars. Somehow I managed to miss the whole deal, teary-eyed I took the start-line.

The race had another good turnout, lots of teams were well represented. Roadhouse ran the show again, Kirk Albers went off the front early and some other dudes joined him. Fast Forward an hour and there were 5 guys scattered off the front, and I was trying to find a good wheel for the sprint. I pulled some slippery moves with 2 corners to go and got to a good spot, but the pace wasn't quite high enough, so some guys came up the side and I ended up coming in 6th in the field sprint and 11th on the day. Lameness. The knee felt good all weekend, it was just nice to be out mixin' it up again.

32 hole Wheels- Since It Is Classic's Time

First Exposure to Nutella

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Greg said...

OK, let me revisit this with you:

a) White San Marco saddle: 10 points
b) Fresh white bar tape: 10 points
c) White Sram level hoods: 10 points
d) Black spoke/hub/rim combo: 10 points
e) Glue oozing out of the rim on your tubies: deduct 30 points!

HA! Kidding, the bike looks trick, home. Tres Classics-ready.