Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The West Coast is the Best Coast...

...Or so I'd imagine.

2 more sleeps, and a stop in Tucson till I'll be throwin' this bad boy up.

I need to brush up on my gang colors so I don't wear the wrong kit while I'm out riding my low-rider bike through LA.

Today I went out for a little cruise on the whip and decided to head south. As I was rolling out of town it started to hail pretty hard, right on my face pretty much. Sucked. So I was looking for some shelter and I decided to take the road bike, off-roading. In Bloomington there is this trail that used to be a railroad, but is now just this trail thing. It's like 50% dirt, 50% gravel, and 100% rad.

Rails To Trails

While on the trails, I realized that it looks a little bit like another famous cycling spot.

Paris- Roubaix's Arenberg Forrest

I mean, kind of.

The rain/hail/sleet that was coming down made the trail a bit nasty, and got my bike pretty dirty. But thta's fine when you have your own personal mechanic...

Not really, that's Andy Messer. I stopped by his house to wash it myself and he just started washing it for me. You should get yourself an Andy Messer.

Anyway, I have a seriously busy day of crap to do tomorrow. Like gluing tubulars, packing bikes in bike boxes, shaving my legs, I don't know... lots of serious stuff though.

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meathead said...

cali's over-rated...if you stay down around san diego, the weather stays nice most of the time, but from freson up, it sucks!...cold and rainy in the winter and hotter than hell in the summer...i'll take the humidity any day...

not to mention the cost of living!!

i enjoy the blogs bro....

from, cali transplant