Friday, March 7, 2008

Slight Improvement

So we got the new kits today and they are pretty sick. I mean, I like the ones from last year that looked like a 7th grade girl made them in Home Ec. class, but I feel like Champion Systems did it a bit better. The white leg warmers are a bit over the top, so dont plan on seeing those babies out too much, but the rest of the kits seem pretty tolerable.

Well I though we were about to turn the corner to some better weather, but then today we started getting a lot more snow. So it's back to the trainer for me. It's cool, I love it.

I also have some pretty cool racing stuff going on right now. There are a couple big stage races that it looks like I'll be heading out to Cali to do to towards the end of March/ start of April. I should have some more details once it's all O-fficial.

One of my new sets of Reynolds KOM's came in today too, so I took em' down to the shop to see how much they weighed in at...

1030g Pretty Gnar-Gnar

I was supposed to be going to do some RR tomorrow, but it got cancelled. Now I'm race-less and all the teammates are out of town doing the collegiate races. Looks like i'll be rockin' it solo this weekend.

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