Friday, March 28, 2008

Arizona- Days 1and 2

The original plan for the trip out to Phoenix was for me to arrive at 2:30 on wednesday and do a ride with some openers to get the "travel legs" feeling to go away. Well after about 4+ hours of delays and missed connecting flights, I arrived in Phoenix... on a different plane than my clothes and bike. I panicked around the airport after none of it showed up at the claim and the were able to help me track it down. Not the start I was looking for. I took the shuttle to Baumann's host house and got the bike built up. It made it unscathed, but I didn't get my openers in. The last time I didn't get my openers in before a race, I ended up languishing at the back of a crit and puking on myself...

Today was a 5k prologue and I could tell from the second I threw a leg over it wasn't going to be a fast one. Whatever, I rolled it and got smoked. I was one of probably less than 5 guys who weren't running the full aero set up. We're talking TT bikes, disks, Aero helmets, skinsuits. The whole deal. I don't think it would have helped me much, but my stock road bike couldn't have been too fast either. I'm over it. Tomorrow is an 80 some mile RR with some decent climbing every lap. Should be fun.

This little race trip has been pretty interesting so far. One of our guys is Phil Gaimon. He's riding for Fiordifriuta this year, and he has some interesting facts about him, like the fact that he was Georgia State Yo-Yo champion when he has younger. He had a Yo-Yo sponsor, who hooked him up with free 80 dollar yo-yo's. He was also nationally ranked a computer game called Counter Strike. Also on the way to dinner tonight he yelled at some chick and asked her if he could "put a
baby in her?" She didn't have much to say to that. So that's a little info about one of the dudes in the crew for this week.

Alright this is getting seriously long. The computer I'm using won't let me upload my pictures I've taken, so I'll try to work on that. Blogs without pictures suck.

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Anonymous said...

hey man, heard you did good today! talked to your rents at MNO. let us know how its goin out there.

P.S. took home #2 today. your girls killed it too.