Saturday, March 15, 2008

Are You Serious?

So we made the 30 minute or so ride out to the race course today, and Gamm came bombing out of his apartment complex to join us for for the roll out. The field wasn't very big, and we had 4 guys, so we were pretty much running the show as a team... for a while. The attacks were flying for the first few minutes and we put someone in every one of them. Soon Chris got away with one other guy and got a gap of a minute or so. Me, Mike and Isaac were covering the moves back in the pack, and soon everyone was gone but a group of 7 of us, and we had 3 of the 7. Good numbers you would think. We rode a good race as a team and we had it under control.

After 3 of 5 laps, Isaac flatted. Now we were down to 2, plus 1 in the break. Still good shape. End of lap 3, I get bitten by the flat snake. So now it's just Mike in the chase group, and Chris up the road. Back at the car Isaac and I discuss our disappointment, and not long after Chris comes back with a rear flat. Unbelievable! 75% of the squad has now flatted out. Chris and his compatriot had 2.5 min on the pack. The guy he was with solo'd in for the win. The field sprinted for 2nd, and Mike took 3rd on the day. Pretty disappointing considering what we were looking at an hour before.

I got a grand total of 1/2 of a ride out of my new tubulars. That is seriously lame.

P.S. You guys notice this is post number 2 for the day? EPIC!


TSK said...

Flatting tubies sucks.

I have a canister of the Vittoria pit-stop, if you'd like to give it a whirl before ungluing, regluing, etc.


R.Knapp said...

Yeah it seriously sucks, especially on the first ride. I've got some tubie sealant I'm gonna try.

Hope you're enjoying your exotic spring break destination.