Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's Official

Our composite team got into Redlands, yeah that Redlands. I'm pretty pumped to get the opportunity to throw it down in such a cool race. The list of the past winners in pretty ridiculous, but it's going to be awesome experience. The composite team looks something like this:

Ryan Baumann
Alex Sharon
Jon Chodroff
Sheldon Deeny
Phil Gaimon

There are some pretty heavy hitters on that list, it should be pretty rad. Only a few more weeks to get some hella good form.

Speaking of form... it appears I'm starting to get some of that, or so says the powermeter. Today I did a 20 minute treshhold test and it went pretty decent, a lot better than I though it would go. I don't want to throw around the actuall numbers, because I'm not going to be that guy. They were the best I've ever thrown down, by far.

So on top of finding out that we got in to Redlands, and crushing my 20 min test, it was the nicest day of the year so far. I got to bust out my pastey white legs and the Johnson and Johnson's, and get the 08 tan lines started.

Tomorrow we're off to Oxford, OH to do some racing and a little catching up the some homies. Too bad it's the start of their spring break, because I've heard Miami of OH isn't hurting in the Hot Sorority Girl category.

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