Saturday, March 29, 2008

Arizona Day 3

Today started out with a 6AM wake up and a hotel breakfast buffet. It was pretty decent, However, I didn't realize breakfast wouldn't be the last time I saw those potatoes.

We got to the race plenty early and got all kitted and rolled out for a bit of a warm up. On the way back in, Phil flatted and we got him another wheel, but it was just a training wheel, so we went back to fix the flat on his race wheel, but our guy who was going to be in the feed zone for us had already left with the car. So we bummed a tube and started to fix it, and the field starts to roll out to the staging area down the road, without us. In the rush somehow the tube got pinched and blew up in Baumann's ear. So Phil just decided to ride the training wheel and deal with it. We caught the group and all was well.

The race started on a 4 mile climb with a time bonus at the top. Baumann took off an got the time bonus and was the virtual yellow jersey. I followed a few moves and felt ok for a while. Once we had been racing for about 45 min, I started eating gels. Thats when it all went south. I couldn't keep anything down. I was puking up water, gel, and anything else I put in my mouth. I retreated to the back to just try to get through it. Fast Forward 70 miles, and I'm still chilling at the back of the race. I tried to move up to the front to do something at the end, I didn't really have anything, but followed a few wheels and got 10th on the day. I'm still pretty pissed about how the trip has started out for me, but I think the legs are coming. Tomorrow is a 50 mile circut race with some good climbing, so it should set up well for me. Baumann is in 3rd on GC and Phil is in 9th. I'll be working for Ryan tomorrow to try to get up the road and eat up some of those Time Bonus'.

I've got a few pictures from the trip, but you're going to have to deal with the iphone camera, because those are the only ones I can get to upload. Sooo...

Some mountains and Wal-Mart

More Scenery

Our Team Car...Seriously

A little vom on the bike...

A little something for Andy Messer

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bayside said...

dude that is my fav walmart in tucson! lemon is just the other way if i am correct. its such a fun place to ride man enjoy it and i think if you are getting some drinks in after tomorrow the bars our on 4th, and there is a baller bar called Champs or champions on 4th and university or something