Saturday, March 22, 2008

One Last Effort

Since the day I found out I might be doing Redlands, I've been crushing myself on the bike, trying to get ready. Well that's been going on for about 4 weeks now, and I'm pretty tired, but I feel like I've done some good work that should show up in the way of form in the next few weeks. With John Meyers in town for spring break, I gave him a holler about a possible ride, because I knew he'd make sure I got a good workout in.

The start of the ride went as I figured, hard from the go. We rolled a pretty cool loop with a good bit of climbing and never really let up. I think JM set a new 3 hour record for avg watts for him, and since I'm fairly new to the whole power thing, I set some pretty good ones for myself. We did the first 3 hours hard, came back to town and bonked around and then rolled out for a little less than an hour to spin the legs.

Now as I bombard you with numbers, remember that I weigh 142lbs. So these number may not blow you away. but I was pretty happy about it.

Now I know numbers don't get you results, but I just like to use them to gauge how I'm going. Sorry for being lame, but here are some stats:

Ride Time: 3:53
3500 KJ
Avg Power: 268w
Norm Power: 303w

Best 60 min Avg (Not Norm): 300w
Avg for first 3hrs (Not Norm): 278w

JM was a beast. I think he ended up averaging something like 320 for the first 3 hrs... thats just stupid. He kept almost dropping me on the back side of every climb when he would crush it down the other side. The last 30 min of the first 3 hrs we hardly talked and our conversation was mostly reduced to primal grunts. It was exactly what I needed to do before I start to recover a bit before Arizona and California next week.

I'll try to be a good blogger and document the happenings of my trip next week too.

On another note: My girls Little 500 team had qualifications today, and qual'd 2nd. Pretty stellar, but we still have another step to go.


Anonymous said...

You are such a tool. I did a 3 hour ride today, 10800 normalized seconds with 32 kilotons of sweetness. Deal with it.

stefan swecker said...

knapp! congrats on the redlands invite man. thats huge!