Sunday, October 28, 2007

USGP Louisville KY

It was an awesome weekend. All of the badasses were in attendance. I didn't do very well either day. I strugle to keep up with these dudes. Results aside, the courses were awesome. The spectators were insane. It was sweet just to be a part of such an event. There was a photagrapher who got some good pictures, so thanks to him!

So I will give you a mini race report, because the full excuse-laden version gets pretty lame. So here it goes.
Saturday, I started at the back and pretty much stayed there. I endoed in the big sand pit like 3 times, and crashed another handfull of times on assorted corners around the course. It sucked. Today, I got a better starting position, right next to Mr. 15th place in the 07 Tour Day France. So I got a pretty good start and avoided the carnage in the first corner. I was riding ok for a few laps and just couldn't keep the speed of the fast guys up there. I was slowly making my way back to the area of the field where I belong, when I broke my chain and crashed. Sweet. Luckilly Isaac had just decided he wasn't feelin' this whole cross thing, and he gave me his bike in the pit. I rode it for a lap and then got mine back with a new Sram chain. The damage was done, I couldn't get any rytham back and pretty much continued my suckiness. Oh well. I really like this whole cross thing, I just wish I could make the bike go a little faster. I don't feel so bad though, because Tim Johnson lapped almost half the field, and almost even lapped Chris Horner. He was like a little rabbid squirrel on a bike.

I'm going to do another OVCX race next weekend in Cincy. It will be nice to race with some people who aren't pro.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Belgium of the Midwest

I have been thinking recently about how hardcore some people I race with are, and how soft some of the others are. I and many of those around me fall into the second category. The boys from Wisconson are the "Belgian Hardmen" of the midwest. They aren't exactly centrally located, yet they race as much as anyone and consistently crush skulls at all of the races they show up to. Whether it is Road or Cross, they are there. They have so many fast guys, and their weather is probably twice as bad as ours in the off season. They drive twice as far to get to races, complain half as much as us, then get double the sweet results. Just to name some of these Hardmen include Jesse and Marko Lalonde, Tristan Schouten, Brandon Gavic, Steve Scholzen, Ryan Baumann, Kyle Jacobson. These guys all just seem to have fewer excuses and just seem to get it done. Believe me, I know I am as guilty as anyone of being a Pussy Frenchman of the Midwest. I think that we all just need to be a little more like the Belgians of the Midwest, and "HARDEN THE F#@K UP!"

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Homecoming Weekend

As many of you know, it was homecoming weekend here at IU and that means lots of activities that don't make you go fast on a bike. Anyway, I sacked up and attempted to party balls with some of my fellow Alumni, as well as race my bike. Homecoming was awesome, we tailgated on Saturday afternoon and rallied to even head out to the bars on Saturday night. I was up at 8 AM today to head to Cincy for a cross race. I did not feel sweet when my alarm went off. Thats partyin bra! The cross race was pretty fun, and it helped me get rid of my hang over too. I got 7th and rode like a bit of a les, but I made my money back and then some, so I say GREAT SUCCESS!

The quality hangin' out time was def the highlight of the weekend. I've got some good pictures of some pretty hilarious happenings from the weekend. Some dude dancing on a table, then bending over and puking on the table. Then he looked up and addressed the crowd, "Sorry I'm not sorry!" WOW, only during homecoming weekend. We also witnessed a dude get a beer shower from some girl he was arguing with, then he threw a full beer can at her. Class, class, class.

Beer Chucker

The Puker


The first pitch is about to be thrown in the Bo Sox/ Indians ALCS game 7, so that means its time for me to get my game face on!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Excuses Are LAME!

... but I sure do seem to have a lot of them. So the second day of UCI cross racing went better, kind of. I started in the last row again and got a decent start considering. I kept moving up until I was in a pretty good little group of guys that made up 22nd through 28th place. I was riding comfortably there and were were consistently picking off more and more people. After about 6 or 7 laps, I dropped my chain through the sand pit and my chain guard came loose. From there I was gone from my group and back chasing. Without the chain keeper in place the chain wouldn't stay on at all. 3 dropped chains and a half a lap later I climbed off and packed it in. Sucks. Even though a DNF is a DNF this one was better because I was actually racing and being competitive with some good guys. Next stop is an OVCX race in Ohio this Sunday and then it is the big USGP in Louisville the 27-28th. I should have some slightly better form and the bike kinks worked out by then. Lifting weights tomorrow morning , followed by a little work at the Cafe, and then a group cross ride with the roomates tomorrow evening. Until next time, later Brosiedon ruler of the Brocean.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

UCI Hurts (with your brakes on)

Yesterday was my first ever UCI cross race and it didn't dissapoint. It was fast, hard, and long. Just how I like em'... However I sucked it up. I got a pretty good start considering I started in the last row, and was trying to weave my way through the field. I was going ok for the first lap or so, then started to go backwards fast. I just figured it was the fact that I haven't really been riding the last few weeks. After I got lapped by Barry Wicks with 2 to go (and pulled) I rolled to the side and saw that I broke a spoke and my rear wheel would hardly turn. It all makes sense now. That clinking sound I heard when I dropped off the curb onto the sidewalk was my spoke bouncing down the road (on lap 2). With that said I feel much better about my chances today since I'll be racing without my brakes on, always a plus.

Also my Ridley came in on Wednesday night. It's pretty sweet. Fits nicely and looks deese. Now I just need to make it go fast.

Round 2 starts at 3:30. Hopfully I won't embarrass my self...

p.s. Mike killed it today. sweet.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ferrari's go Vrooooom

So I finally broke down and decided to maker my first blog entry. I made this template a few months ago and wasn't sure if I was actually going to enter the world of blogging, but here we are. This is just going to be a place that I can publish my random, biased thoughts on life, bike racing, and anything else that meets my fancy.

This week I got back from my first trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately I wasn't out there for Interbike, but instead a TS Cafe Convention. KInda lame, but decent overall. I really hated the city of LV. It was dirty, and there were prostitutes all over the place. I didn't hit up the clubs either, so that may have contributed to my negative view of the trip. The best part of the trip was the Ferrari my dad and I rented one afternoon. It was INSANE! That's all I can say about that. Here are some pics of the actuall car we rented, the video above is just to help relay how sweet it actually was.

Yeah it was dec.

So after weeks of trying to get my cross situation figured out, my new Ridley Crossbow should be here Monday or Tuesday. It's about damn time too, since I'm doing the UCI race in the Nasty Natti this weekend. Should be a suffer fest. I originally said I wasn't going to care about cross this year, but after watching Mike and Isaac go to a few races without me, I decided to go balls to the wall. It will be good for my fitness for next year anyway. OK this is getting a little long and it's time to go root against the Yankee's. Today my RED SOX swept the LA Angels of Anehiem to advance to the ALCS. Sweet.