Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ferrari's go Vrooooom

So I finally broke down and decided to maker my first blog entry. I made this template a few months ago and wasn't sure if I was actually going to enter the world of blogging, but here we are. This is just going to be a place that I can publish my random, biased thoughts on life, bike racing, and anything else that meets my fancy.

This week I got back from my first trip to Las Vegas. Unfortunately I wasn't out there for Interbike, but instead a TS Cafe Convention. KInda lame, but decent overall. I really hated the city of LV. It was dirty, and there were prostitutes all over the place. I didn't hit up the clubs either, so that may have contributed to my negative view of the trip. The best part of the trip was the Ferrari my dad and I rented one afternoon. It was INSANE! That's all I can say about that. Here are some pics of the actuall car we rented, the video above is just to help relay how sweet it actually was.

Yeah it was dec.

So after weeks of trying to get my cross situation figured out, my new Ridley Crossbow should be here Monday or Tuesday. It's about damn time too, since I'm doing the UCI race in the Nasty Natti this weekend. Should be a suffer fest. I originally said I wasn't going to care about cross this year, but after watching Mike and Isaac go to a few races without me, I decided to go balls to the wall. It will be good for my fitness for next year anyway. OK this is getting a little long and it's time to go root against the Yankee's. Today my RED SOX swept the LA Angels of Anehiem to advance to the ALCS. Sweet.

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