Sunday, October 21, 2007

Homecoming Weekend

As many of you know, it was homecoming weekend here at IU and that means lots of activities that don't make you go fast on a bike. Anyway, I sacked up and attempted to party balls with some of my fellow Alumni, as well as race my bike. Homecoming was awesome, we tailgated on Saturday afternoon and rallied to even head out to the bars on Saturday night. I was up at 8 AM today to head to Cincy for a cross race. I did not feel sweet when my alarm went off. Thats partyin bra! The cross race was pretty fun, and it helped me get rid of my hang over too. I got 7th and rode like a bit of a les, but I made my money back and then some, so I say GREAT SUCCESS!

The quality hangin' out time was def the highlight of the weekend. I've got some good pictures of some pretty hilarious happenings from the weekend. Some dude dancing on a table, then bending over and puking on the table. Then he looked up and addressed the crowd, "Sorry I'm not sorry!" WOW, only during homecoming weekend. We also witnessed a dude get a beer shower from some girl he was arguing with, then he threw a full beer can at her. Class, class, class.

Beer Chucker

The Puker


The first pitch is about to be thrown in the Bo Sox/ Indians ALCS game 7, so that means its time for me to get my game face on!

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