Sunday, October 14, 2007

UCI Hurts (with your brakes on)

Yesterday was my first ever UCI cross race and it didn't dissapoint. It was fast, hard, and long. Just how I like em'... However I sucked it up. I got a pretty good start considering I started in the last row, and was trying to weave my way through the field. I was going ok for the first lap or so, then started to go backwards fast. I just figured it was the fact that I haven't really been riding the last few weeks. After I got lapped by Barry Wicks with 2 to go (and pulled) I rolled to the side and saw that I broke a spoke and my rear wheel would hardly turn. It all makes sense now. That clinking sound I heard when I dropped off the curb onto the sidewalk was my spoke bouncing down the road (on lap 2). With that said I feel much better about my chances today since I'll be racing without my brakes on, always a plus.

Also my Ridley came in on Wednesday night. It's pretty sweet. Fits nicely and looks deese. Now I just need to make it go fast.

Round 2 starts at 3:30. Hopfully I won't embarrass my self...

p.s. Mike killed it today. sweet.

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