Sunday, October 28, 2007

USGP Louisville KY

It was an awesome weekend. All of the badasses were in attendance. I didn't do very well either day. I strugle to keep up with these dudes. Results aside, the courses were awesome. The spectators were insane. It was sweet just to be a part of such an event. There was a photagrapher who got some good pictures, so thanks to him!

So I will give you a mini race report, because the full excuse-laden version gets pretty lame. So here it goes.
Saturday, I started at the back and pretty much stayed there. I endoed in the big sand pit like 3 times, and crashed another handfull of times on assorted corners around the course. It sucked. Today, I got a better starting position, right next to Mr. 15th place in the 07 Tour Day France. So I got a pretty good start and avoided the carnage in the first corner. I was riding ok for a few laps and just couldn't keep the speed of the fast guys up there. I was slowly making my way back to the area of the field where I belong, when I broke my chain and crashed. Sweet. Luckilly Isaac had just decided he wasn't feelin' this whole cross thing, and he gave me his bike in the pit. I rode it for a lap and then got mine back with a new Sram chain. The damage was done, I couldn't get any rytham back and pretty much continued my suckiness. Oh well. I really like this whole cross thing, I just wish I could make the bike go a little faster. I don't feel so bad though, because Tim Johnson lapped almost half the field, and almost even lapped Chris Horner. He was like a little rabbid squirrel on a bike.

I'm going to do another OVCX race next weekend in Cincy. It will be nice to race with some people who aren't pro.

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