Monday, October 22, 2007

Belgium of the Midwest

I have been thinking recently about how hardcore some people I race with are, and how soft some of the others are. I and many of those around me fall into the second category. The boys from Wisconson are the "Belgian Hardmen" of the midwest. They aren't exactly centrally located, yet they race as much as anyone and consistently crush skulls at all of the races they show up to. Whether it is Road or Cross, they are there. They have so many fast guys, and their weather is probably twice as bad as ours in the off season. They drive twice as far to get to races, complain half as much as us, then get double the sweet results. Just to name some of these Hardmen include Jesse and Marko Lalonde, Tristan Schouten, Brandon Gavic, Steve Scholzen, Ryan Baumann, Kyle Jacobson. These guys all just seem to have fewer excuses and just seem to get it done. Believe me, I know I am as guilty as anyone of being a Pussy Frenchman of the Midwest. I think that we all just need to be a little more like the Belgians of the Midwest, and "HARDEN THE F#@K UP!"

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