Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Crown Royal, Ridin' the Bus, and Naked Laps

We did a good 5 hours yesterday, with awesome weather in the high 40's. It was great to get out on the bike and get some good climbing to open up the legs. Andy Messer came over from Columbus to ride and hang too. I felt better for the most part yesterday, but the back of my left knee started hurting about 2 hours in, and went down hill from there. I tried to limp it in as best I could, but I still did my fair share of whining. Looking back on things I'm not surprised that I am feeling like this. I have ridden for 0 hours in the last 2 weeks, but then jacked it up to 9 hours in the last 2 days. That is STUPID! Luckily I'm the only one who seems to be really feeling too bad. I'm going to continue to continue to rest up and hopefully I will feel better in a few days. Enough of the sob story and on to the fun part of yesterday.

We went out for some mexican food and a beer tower to kick off the evening. Stuffed, we all came back to our place to chill for a bit and watch the IU Bowl game. We slowly ramped up the drinking and partying type activities. Before we knew it, the beer was flowing like wine, and women were instinctively flocking like the salmon of Capistrano. It was a party fa sho (not really, I'm just trying to sound cool). It started to get out of control and people (Mike) were running around naked and we were poppin' bottles of Champagne. All in all it was a pretty fun evening, with some great company.

January 1st 2008 we woke up to some serious snow action outside our windows. We took the morning to lay around and Chris made some wicked ham, egg, and cheese bagels and Mike and Pam went on a coffee run. It was a quite pro morning. Trying to keep from a totally unproductive day, we decided to go on a cruse through campus on the cross and mountain bikes. The conditions were blizzard like, but it was so epic that it didn't faze us. Pam didn't go for the ride with us, so she made us a wicked dinner and even gave the team base a good cleaning. We are going to have some team schedule stuff tonight and then get our laugh on with Superbad on DVD. The weather looks bad again for tomorrow, so it may be another creative day on the bike. As for me, I may take the day off, we'll have to see how the knee is feeling. Hopefully I can be smart about this and it wont turn in to a real injury.

By the way, check out the picture slideshow I added. So far it's just stuff from camp, but it should soon be a link to all my pictures that I'm hosting on Picasa

I'm glad I started 08 with a mediocre blog entry... don't want to set the bar too high.

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