Thursday, January 31, 2008

Over Dewing It...

I was feeling a little saucy today so I decided to bite off a nice big 3.5 hour chunk of riding. It was pretty decent for the most part, but I think I did a bit more climbing than the knee was ready for. I need to just chill out and take my time getting some fitness, but that's easier said than done when my roommates are doing like 9 hour tempo rides and goin all fast all the time, and here I am riding 12 mph for 1 or 2 hours... overall thing are still going pretty well and I don't think I'm going to have to take any races off the sched.
So my epic jaunt took me out into the villes and burgs that surround Bloomington. Part of the ride took me into some uncharted territory. The residents of the uncharted territory didn't really like me parading around in my spandex in their burg, because I got 2 random flip off's and one of these bounced off my back:

Luckily it was empty and didn't weigh like 3 lbs, because then it may have hurt, this time it just kind of pissed me off. Once I saw that it was actually a Mountain Dew bottle I kind of had to laugh. The only way that could have been more cliche, would have been if it was a can of Budweiser with a Dave Earnhardt Intimidator coozie on it. That was the last redneck encounter of the day, I did however encounter the beast that is Boltinghouse Rd. Those of you Bloomington residents know all about this climb and all the tales that go with it. For those who don't know about it... it's something like 26% grade and there is no way to go up it easy. So I figured that I would go up that on my way back to town to see how pushing a hard gear would feel on the knee. It wasn't bad, but the 39-23 didn't exactly turn over very easily.

I will leave you will this YouTube clip that my DG girls found and passed my way. I think it's hilarious, hopefully you will too!

As long as fed ex doesn't screw it up, I should have some team bike pics to put up this weekend too.



Anonymous said...

That Video Is so great. Love them Asians.

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