Saturday, January 26, 2008

I can read good.

So I kinda rode my bike yesterday and today, not outside, but on the trainer. Yesterday I rode for 38 minutes and averaged 68 watts, and today I rode for a whopping 1 hour and decided to really lay down the power with an average of 104 watts. If I keep getting awesomer at putting down the power, I should be able to get up the hill out of my apartment complex by early next week...

Since I hadn't been doing much riding until the last few days, I have started to do a little reading.

I read "Positively False" and "From Lance to Landis." Positively False wasn't really very good, but it did raise some good questions about drug testing accuracy, but who knows. The whole book was so Landis-biased that it was hard to take much of it seriously. The other book was actually pretty rad. It had so many first hand accounts of doping in cycling and The Tour that it was hilarious. I'm not much of a doping crusader, but it was pretty cool to hear about some of the stuff that has gone on in the Postal/Disco team busses.

Speaking of doping, I've been thinking about doping my hair. I got another hair cut yesterday and I of course didn't get the back cut, but it still doesn't look like a real mullet. It's like a junior mullet. lame. Anyway, I'm going to keep trying to get the hours on the bike up and the pain in my knee down.

Later Bro-Brah's

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