Sunday, January 6, 2008


Sorry I've been so slow on the updates this week, I would have thought I would have been throwing down blog entries everyday of camp, but I guess I am easily sidetracked.

Now that camp is done, I'm dealing with the repercussions of trying to jump back on the bike and do big hours. I took yesterday off and rode for an hour today. The knee is feeling better, but I still need more rest. It's a lot easier to take the necessary time off now rather than in March and screw up the first real race of the year, Hillsboro- Roubaix. I'm sure I'll be fine after a few more days of R.I.C.E. Any-who, camp was awesome, we got some good hours in and did some team bonding. I think everyone is really motivated to make a good name for our team, and get some good results to go with it.

We planned out or race schedules, and it looks like my biggest races are going to be Tour of Arkansas, Tour De 'Toona, and then Elite RR Nationals/Downers Grove. Hopefully I can bring my A game and rack up some good results for Alderfer Bergen.

OK I'm out. Look for the official Alderfer Bergen Team Press Release on Cyclingnews and Truesport soon.

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