Thursday, January 10, 2008

Had To

When I came across this Paolo Bettini video I had to share it with you peeps. The actual video part of it is pretty rad, but the music it is set to is sooo sick. I wish I were Euro.

Pretty sick eh? Also I am considering changing the name of my blog. There are others out there that choose to use the word sweet too much in their lame ass blog, and frankly I don't what that blog and my blog to have anything in common. The Name change will most likely take effect this weekend.

Peace Bra!


Tom said...

What are you going to change your name to? Pretty little sorority girl?

Gaz... said...

"Love Is Gonna Save Us" by Benny Benassi...that's the good shit, bro.

the ATM said...

Quite possibly my favorite cycling moment... Paolo Bettini dragging his left knee on the Armco then right knee on the mountain on the way to a W in the Lombardia.