Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little 500

I don't usually talk about little 500 much, but I decided I would put a little something up trying to relay to those of you who haven't been or don't know much about it. So it's a 200 Lap race on a 1/4 mile cinder track where 33 teams of 4 riders compete against each other on single speed, roughly identical bikes. This is one of the reasons that our collegiate teams have never been so awesome, because it's tough to get everyone to form one team for collegiate when they all ride for separate Little 5 teams the rest of the year. We have taken our fair share of crap from the rest of the Collegiate boys for skipping so many MWCCC races to do things like Missing Out and Quals and other Little 5 related stuff, but it's probably warranted. Sorry to those of you who are from Bloomington and for you this is all old news, but since I'm not riding, I'm lacking blog-worthy material.  

Here is our Quals run from 2007

I'll throw in a few other pics too.

Warming up before Quals

Focused in the pits before the race

Waiting for an exchange

Running after getting the bike

Current road teammate Chris "So Intense" Chartier on my wheel

The front of the race

So that's Little 500 for ya. I don't really have the most fond memories from little 5, but just typing up this post gave me some cold chills. It's such a spectacle, it was just fun to be a part of it. It's by far the most people I have ever raced my bike in front of. Now that I've graduated, I think I'm going to miss it, but that's nothing a little Athens Twilight Crit can't cure...

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