Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Get To Zee CHOPPA!

One of my homies in Oxford, Ohio has stumbled on some valuable knowledge about a race thats gonna be going down this spring. I can't tell you guys too much because I don't want anyone trying to swoop in and steal my chedda, but I'll tell you a little something, it has to do with The Govenator. In other racing news, the roommates and I were talkin' early season schedules, and it looks like were are going to head down to Athens, Georgia for a little Twilight Criterium Action. For some reason this race gets me all jazzed up. I am so pumped to go do this crit, I can't even tell you. It will only be my 2nd night time crit, but I love racing in the dark. I'm gonna pull a Heckman and win that shit.

N-E- Wayz... I'm still not riding yet. I think my knee feels better, but I can't tell without getting on the bike, so I'm not going to rush things just to be safe. I am getting pretty antsy though.

So this chick who used to be an avid reader of my blog, told me that she wasn't going to read it anymore because in a post a few days back a was talkin' about the girl at the bank whom I happen to have a little thing for. She said she didn't want to hear about the girl at the bank or any other girlie bull. She said she only wants to hear about cycling. I told her that that's probably the exact opposite of what everyone else says about my blog. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. The only problem now is that with her gone, I lost 50% of my readers.

I'll leave you with a little youtube clip of Athens from last year. Judging from the vid, it looks slow and easy.


noah said...

you're going to have to challenge me for the title of arnold fest cycling champion. i've already got my american flag pants ready for the podium. and athens is ridiculous, i almost lost my life there last year. they had to neutralize the race because so many people were caught in one of the crashes.

RJ said...

judging from the video, athens should be a walk in the park for you man, if you don't finish top 3 i'll be disappointed!

R.Knapp said...

Aww shit, I figured you would be in the know about Arnold Fest. If you have the Amurican flag pants for the podium, I might just lead you out so I can see those babies.