Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No Pain, No Gain

My dad has always been the active, athletic type, and he has been riding off and on for probably 20 years or so. He hasn't been riding much the last few year with the new business and all, but he's starting to get back on a fitness kick. Sometimes his time constraints or the weather don't let him get outside to exercise, so he gets creative. He's normally pretty proud of his home-made workouts. For a while now his bike had a flat and he didn't have a tube, so he jumped rope... for 2 hours! Give me a break!

For those of you who have met my dad, that shouldn't surprise you. Those of you who aren't familiar with Dave, let me give you a little bit about him. He doesn't ride in his little ring, ever. He just got his first "kit" for christmas this year, previously he wore tank-tops for his cycling endeavors. When he rides outside, he rides the same 20 mile loop as hard as he can, to try to set a PR, no matter if he's ridden 50 times this year or 5 times. He doesn't believe in recovery rides. He is a generally hard core dude. He lives by the slogan "no pain, no gain." And he will for sure, never shave his legs!n So that's a little background on "The Dave."

He has been kicking around the idea of entering a 5's/Citizens race, but he says he doesn't want all those people riding so close to him. He says he just going to ride as hard as he can until he gets away from everyone. Typical. Even though he is pretty ridiculous, I guess it could be worse. At least he out there fighting to stay young. For real though, I think he's serious about racing this time, because he changed the wallpaper on his computer to a picture of Lance Armstrong... typical.

I just hope I'm half as hardcore as he is when I'm 50.


isaac said...

I hope I don't get beat by "the Dave" in 08'...
ceraland, that should be his big debut.

Anonymous said...

to bad my dad can't race your dad...cuz he's already upgraded to a 4! burn


Anonymous said...

OMG....I can totally picture your dad doing all of that...too funny