Saturday, February 9, 2008

Nashville 90

We set out to do some hours on the new bikes today, and with John Meyers in town, we didn't really follow typical Bloomington protocol for intensity. Now I don't really have a problem with turning the screws a little bit, but normally we take our longer rides pretty chill in the colder months down here. John and I led the group of 12 out of town at a pretty good clip, and it didn't really let up for the next 3 hours or so. John claims he's out of shape, but if he is as out of shape as he says he is, I pity the midwest racing scene, because he was putting in some pretty solid turns on the front. After one of his pulls, one of the guys on the ride said "John Meyers is an axe murderer." True statement. About 3 hours in, the higher than usual intensity (for me) and bigger volume than I've really done this year was pushing the limits of my knee's health. I had to back it down because I didn't want to risk a set back. It was pretty awesome to get some good speed rockin' for once, and I think this was a step forward in the quest for fitness. The last couple of hours coming in were pretty brutal too, the wind was relentless and the two pancakes I had for breakfast were long gone. I bonked pretty freaking hard. Oh well, sweet ride none the less. I would have taken some pictures of the group, but the only thing I was reaching into my pockets for today were bars and Gu's.
Side Note- The new bikes ride awesome, surprisingly good considering they are straight out of the box. Alright dudes, time for some recovery brews...

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