Monday, February 4, 2008

A Case of the Mondays

I had a minor case of the Monday's today. The weekend weather was pretty awesome and the riding was equally rad, so when the dreaded alarm sounded today I wasn't feelin' it. I'll survive I guess, but this whole riding a lot thing has become so novel to me. This weekend we got some good kilo's in the legs in some almost 50 degree weather. The knee is getting better everyday, and I should be able to do some intensity pretty soon. I broke the 4-digit wattage barrier this weekend in a sign sprint... aren't you impressed? My first race is 4 weeks away and I'm behind schedule like whoa. Whatev, it will work itself out. Today I got a little spin in with Brett Stewart, he was equally willing to go slow, so it worked out well. I took the camera with me on the rides and got a picture or two.

Crossing a Pedestrian Bridge


Isaac modeling the new IU Kit

Those glasses make me look exceptionally lame

Me and B Stewart

OK enough of the photos, I'm about to go get a super girlie coffee-esqe drink at The Copper Cup. What of it?

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