Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Go Jackson Go!

If you didn't see it, my coach Jackson Stewart spent 115 K or so off the front solo in stage 1 of the Tour of Cali yesterday... pretty sick work. He picked up all the intermediate sprint points and all the KOM points, so he's winning the Points classification and wearing the KOM jersey. That's some pretty solid face time. Hopefully he didn't kill himself too much and can ride a decent rest of the race. Mad props J Stew!

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Seth said...

Yeah, man. Word to Stewart on the attack! And although it looked like the last climb really hurt, it seems like he stayed within his limits pretty well during the stage. So I'll cross my fingers for him the rest of the tour too! He's riding a smart race—just got the field sprint on the first KOM this afternoon as well.

OSU in four days!