Monday, December 17, 2007

Running from Tim Johnson

Well, we made it back from the tundra of Kansas City late last night and I slept like a baby. I spent the day today tearing down the cross bike so that I can rebuild it and have it work properly again, something it hasn't done in a while. On to the the race report...

It was 8 degrees out when we went out to the course at 9am for Pam's Collegiate race. I had tons of clothes on and I still couldn't keep warm, I was scared of what it would be like when I had to strip down to just the skinsuit. So later on in the day, the sun decided to join the party, which was good for my warmth, but it made the race course super muddy. So I had been talking about my start number being so bad, but I didn't actually think I would be in the very last row, I was wrong. The gun went off and I felt helpless as the leaders raced up the first hill and I stood there with one foot down waiting for the sea of riders to start to go forward. Once I was moving, the first lap was pretty much a blur. I went as hard as I could and tried to touch the brakes a little as possible. After the race I would learn that at one point I had made it all the way up to 23rd at one point during that opening lap. It was pure chaos, but maybe I should go like that more often. I was bangin' off random dudes, bangin' my knees on fence stakes, and monster truckin over anyone who fell in my path. I really don't remember much of the race, except for the the super loud screams from Mike, Pam, and Isaac, as well Kip and the Lindsey Wilson crew going nuts. Kip even flashed me one time through. I was pretty far into the hurt locker, but I couldn't help but laugh. Thanks to everyone, for everything! 2 laps in I was pushing it a bit hard and biffed it pretty good in one of the off camber corners, as I was sliding and bouncing over the ruts, I hear the sound of cracking plastic. I had broken my front brake lever, so I raced the rest of the race with basically no brakes. I wrecked a few more time but seemed to still be going the right direction. I knew I was having an ok ride because I wasn't far behind Matt White, and he is a bad ass. I couldn't ever catch him, but Tim Johnson did catch me. A couple hundred meters from the line where I would have been taking the bell for my last lap, TJ and Page were battling it out for the stars and bars, so I got out of their way and let them by, so close. In 34th place, it was still my best finish in a UCI race this year.

Now I am enjoying my first day off my 2 weeks off. I have a decent bit of bike work to do, but having raced in the mud for what seems like a month straight, I am going to put that off for a few days until I feel like seeing a bike again. I'm not really sure what my blogging will be like during the offy, but I try to keep on top of things.

p.s. look for official team jersey proofs for the 08 road season to pop up soon.

Thanks for readin'!

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