Saturday, December 22, 2007

Looking Ahead

So I'm almost halfway through my offy, and stuff for 08 is coming together well. We got our Proofs back from Champion Systems, and our Specialized order is going to be processed around the first of the new year. In light of all of that I decided that I would share with you guys what some of our stuff will look like next year.



Arm Warmers

Leg Warmers



Thats the main stuff, or at least the stuff I think is important. I think the kits are going to go together pretty well.
I'm loving this time off, but I can't wait to get together with everyone for the camp. It should be some good team bonding time, with a little riding sprinkled in between all of the ridiculous moments. It's one thing to race on a team with a bunch of strong guys, but these guys are all beasts and they are even more hilarious to be around. This next year should be awesome!

On a side note, I don't know if you noticed, but yesterday was the Winter Solstice! That means we will finally be getting some of our day light back. It also means warm weather is just around the corner...

I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday Season. I am, I'm getting fat... I love it.

Peace Cuz

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