Saturday, December 15, 2007

Cross Nats from the Sidelines

Mike, Pam, and Isaac got out here yesterday, and I moved hotels. The new one is way too classy for me, but really nice though.This new hotel wants us to pay for internet, so we decided to go to Panera to do our blog updates. I also wanted to say thanks to all of those friends who sent me email, texts, facebook messages, or called me to congratulate me on all the face time I have been receiving, so thanks to all of you! Unfortunately I think that is the last you'll be seein' of my mug on the interweb. I don't know how well it's going to be tomorrow starting 159th, but I guess Ill just have to see. Today's U23 race was super spread out and it was only 120 riders, the dudes in the back were already a minute down after a quarter of a lap. Mike and Isaac both road well today, ending up 14th and 13th respectively. Mike flatted on the first lap and I had to play mechanic for him with a bike exchange on the 2nd lap. He was struggling for the first couple laps after that to find a groove and he was going backwards, luckily he got it together, started drooling, and plowed through the field to make it into the top 15. Isaac got a decent start, and slowly picked some people off and then help his position for the remainder of the race. If the race had been one lap longer I think we would have gotten to see a sprint between the roommates.

The course condition were better today, I guess. The cold and new snow hardened up the mud to make it lots of firm ruts. It looked brutal to ride on, I hope it is similar for the Elite race tomorrow. I am not sure if I am mentally or physically ready for this race tomorrow, I need to get my shit together and just do it.

We saw Johnathan Page pre-riding the course this morning, he looks pretty f-ing fast, and sweet. I think my prediction for tomorrow is J Page and Trebon will battle it out, but I really hope Super Dope Todd Wells can put something together and pull out the win. Either way, I think it should favor the mtn biker types.

One more bike race, then I get to let my body heal... I need it bad.

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