Thursday, December 13, 2007

"Knapp Time in Kansas City"

So the first race of the weekend went pretty well. I started in the last row of the 63 starters, luckily there was a long road section up a hill that let me move up in to top ten into the first corner. I slowly picked off a few riders and some others crashed, and before I knew it I was in a lead group of 3 guys. I passed them both through one of the barrier sections and never really saw them again. I just tried to keep it upright over the numerous off-camber sections of the course. One lap when I came through with a decent gap, the announcer said "It's Knapp time in Kansas City"... pretty hilarious. I cruised in for the W and had enough time to wipe the mud off the chest of my jersey to make sure the logo was visible. Gotta keep those sponsors happy... At the podium presentation I got a Sram Rival crankset, a crate of California Giant Strawberries (aka dinner) and a bottle of wine with the KCCX Nats logo on the lable. Pretty good stuff!

The rest of the weekend should be super sloppy, all of this ice and snow are melting pretty fast and the more riders that get on the course are just trashing it. I wouldn't be surprised to see lots of running later in the weekend as conditions deteriorate. Here are a few pics to show the guys back home what's waiting for them.

Off-Camber Slop

More Mud

The Only Barriers



First Corner

Thats all for now, laters

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