Sunday, December 9, 2007


As I sit here sipping my Vanilla Latte (I really like the girlie coffee drinks if you haven't noticed), pondering today's happenings, I struggle to put it all into words. When we rolled up to the race we stopped to say hi to Kip, he said, "It's like last weekend- The Remix." He was right, it was just like last weekend only worse. It rained more, I sucked more and my bike got more messed up. The rain had made the the course the muddiest I have ever been on. It was soup. I never thought I would need an easier gear than my 42-23 for a course the was mostly flat, I was wrong! I ran about 20 psi f&r and that still wasn't low enough. To make matters worse, I couldn't get into my easiest gear, so I now had a 42-21, not cool.

I got a good start and spent the first few laps trying to convince myself that I could push that gear, it wasn't working out so well. I was pretty blown after 2- ten minute laps, then luckily Isaac wised up and dropped out, so I could have his rear wheel with a 25 on it. This helped, but I just didn't have enough left. I was also having a tough time with all of the running we had to do, I would say maybe 4-5 minutes per lap. This really wasn't making my nagging leg/groin injury feel very well either. So for the next 40 minutes I drifted back slowly to finish in 7th place... that sucks pretty bad, especially since the field wasn't as good as in weeks past. The best part about today was the fact that there was a spray car wash just down the road form the race and I rode there after the race and hosed myself and my bike off.

I got home and did some re-greasing and cable replacing, but the bike it still hurting a little, I think the shifters need to be rebuilt, but they'll make it through nats. Props to Andy Messer for breakin' through and getting that result he had been looking for this cx season.

Off to KC on Wednesday for Cross Nationals... Lets hope for a minimal amount of mud. This time next week my 2 weeks off the bike will be O-ficcially underway.

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