Friday, November 30, 2007

Tree's Are Not So Tough

Today was a beautiful 50 degree day in Bloomington. In light of that fact, I decided to head out for my new favorite hobby, riding the running trails at Griffey Lake, on my cross bike.

The trail was obviously covered in leaves, leaves can make your tires slip.

When your tires slip, sometimes you fly off your bike into trees.

Luckily I'm harder than trees. Ryan 1 Sapling 0

If you fall you could get your ugly blue leg-warmers dirty

My run in with the tree didn't really feel that sweet, but I continued on because those trails are just so darn fun!

Only one cross race this weekend, so that means a very Pro Saturday is coming. Sleep late, grab some coffee, maybe some pastries, go for a long ride, come home and eat and chill. So Euro, can't wait.

Sunday we are going back to KY for yet another state championship. Word is we are racing the same course we had for the USGP, should be fun, and judging by the pre-reg list, fast too. Do it. Do it.

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