Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ohio State Cross Championships

Won that shit. I had been gettin' some vibes that it was about time to pick up a W, and I finally pulled one out. I was a little worried that all this "catching up" with friends at the bars at home, was getting to me. I had been feeling pretty bad and couldn't really breathe, and on top of that some random muscle near my pelvis has been hurting me lately, mainly when I run. So I had all of these lame excuses ready, but luckily I didn't have to use them.

So I was in the front row at the start line, along with some other pretty fast dudes. This course was pretty roadie style, so I was a bit worried about Ryan Gamm and Paul Martin (2 Time Elite National RR champ), those dudes can roll it pretty hard on the straights. Paul Martin took the hole shot and pretty much did exactly what I was afraid of, he killed it for 2 laps. I was sitting 3rd wheel behind him and Gamm, trying to get settled in. The pace finally slowed for a few laps after he decided to let up. The lead group was 5 dudes or so, who took turns throwing weak attacks off the front, nothing really accomplishing anything. We rode together till they gave us the sign for 2 to go. Paul Martin came to the front and tried to get rid of everyone and that took it down to 4. I think this effort may have actually hurt him a bit because he started to fade coming into the last lap. So I went to the front on the climb on the last lap and put a little effort in to see if anyone would crack, nothing came of it. So Me, Gamm, and some dude wearing an Ace of Spades taped to the back of his helmet, rode together up to the finishing section. It was technical, with 5 or 6 tight turns, leading into a short finishing section on the road. I tried to keep the pace high hoping the wouldn't come around, but they did. I was 3rd wheel entering the first of the tight turns. I took a tight line through the corner and my tires hooked up like whoa. I out sprinted them both the the next corner and dropped the hammer, hoping to hold them off to the line, it worked. I won by about 10 bike lengths and got to throw the hands up. I am pretty stoked. The form is starting to come around just in time for the end of the season. 2 more cross races though, maybe I can win another one or two.

While I was in Ohio, the roommates were in Iowa for Jingle Cross. It sounds like it was pretty brutal, but they kept it real with some top 20's, not too bad considering some of the dudes who showed up.

ok this post is getting a bit novelish, so I'm out.

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assholehater said...

roadie style? WTF.. that shit looked all MTB style, if it was straight roadie, OL stars bars would been were you were at..