Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gettin' Better

So I've been a little slow on getting a Purdue race report up, I've actually been kinda busy. Saturday was a pretty sweet day all together. We left bloomington under perfect skies and sure enough as we drove towards the armpit of Indiana (Lafayette), the sun started to go away and it got colder. It wasn't too bad, but good cyclocross weather. Some cool dudes showed up, guys who I hadn't really seen since Superweek. So the gun went off and I managed to miss my clip in about 7 times, I'm such an amateur. I finally got clipped in and was watching Mike and all the fast guys ride away from me because some dude who had cat 5 handling skills decided that he belonged in front of me and Ryan Gamm. after verbally abusing him for a half lap, he finally got out of the way. I jumped up to the back of the lead group and chilled out for a bit as Mike drove pretty hard. After 30 minutes of racing the lead pack had dwindled to Mike Sherer, Derek Laan, and myself. We couldn't get rid of anybody, so I was trying to decide how the sprint was going to play out. Derek attacked with about 5 corners and a barrier section to go. Mike was on his wheel and I was bringing up the rear. It stayed that was all the way to the finishing straight. Mike and I both came around Derek and took home a 1-2 finish for the house, me finishing behind Mike again... We both took home some good cash, and got back to Bloomington in time to celebrate with the rest of the fans, because IU beat Purdue on a 50 yard field goal with 30 seconds left.

Saturday night we went to see an 80's cover band called Hairbangers Ball. It was pretty cool and hilarious, I would def see them again.

Since I don't really like to make blog entries without pictures, I will leave you with this picture I came across from this summer, and a funny picture of Dave Z at the Slipstream launch.

Road Rash from my lame crash in the Burlington RR

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