Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday's Off...

Are awesome. Today I slept in, made my self a little breakfast, and an thinking about going out for a little ride. The point is, when I race so many weekends out of the year, and cross has become a little more serious that I thought it was going to be, these lazy weekends are rare and priceless.

As I was playing around on youtube this morning and came across this video:

Cancellara is a MAN! I can't even imagine what type of power he was putting out for that little over 1 minute effort. This video also reminds me of how I sometimes forget to bring my testicles to races. Cancellara didn't forget his. For the wearer of the Yellow Jersey to make an all or nothing, race winning move like that, when he very easily could have just rolled in mid pack and left the chasing to the other guys... that is just ballsy. He is is the biggest race in the world and decides he isn't content with just wearing yellow, but he wants to go out and win in yellow. Fabian Cancellara mushroom stamped the whole cycling world with one minute long pedal massacre. Things to do for 2008 season: Try to be more like Fabian Cancellara.

I hope anyone who reads this blog, watches this video over and over and realized how awesome that ride was.

The NRC schedule came out this week. Looks like the Alderfer Bergen U25 Development Team will be doing a lot of traveling.
I miss the Road season...

Cross race tomorrow, I'm feelin it.

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Seth said...

"This video also reminds me of how I sometimes forget to bring my testicles to races."

Heheh! Nice!