Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Pro, or Not to Pro...

With the weather getting really cold for the first time this year, I have had to fight common sense when deciding whether or not I am going to wear a helmet or the sweet Pro looking winter beanie. We all know that rockin' the winter cap is very pro and makes you feel pretty cool, but you know what else is not so sweet? Brain hemorrhages. My reasoning for not wearing a helmet sometimes in the winter, is that I hate trying to stuff a big winter hat under my helmet. I have no problem wearing my helmet when it is 45 or so degrees, but I guess I just need to go buy a hat that fits under my helmet, because looking sweet isn't worth spending the rest of your life with brain damage or worse. So anyway, that's what I've been struggling with the last week or so.

So I've got the Ohio State CX champs tomorrow in Columbus. I am dying to win a race and I think this is one of my best chances, since mike is out at JingleCross in Iowa, plus I have been gettin' better every week, so I think its about time to pick up a W. Yesterday I even did some motor pacing to get some speed in my legs, and today I went out and spent some good time on the cross bike and did some openers. I also tried out my new wheels and tires that I got glued up. The glue job got a bit messy, but those tires aren't going anywhere. We'll see how they do in their first race...

In other good news, stuff for our team next year is coming together nicely, it sounds like we may be getting out team Cannondales pretty soon too. I love getting team stuff!

I also just found my camera that I thought was stolen along with my ipod, it was just stuck under the seat and I didn't know it. Score!

Alright, I'm out.

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