Friday, November 30, 2007

Tree's Are Not So Tough

Today was a beautiful 50 degree day in Bloomington. In light of that fact, I decided to head out for my new favorite hobby, riding the running trails at Griffey Lake, on my cross bike.

The trail was obviously covered in leaves, leaves can make your tires slip.

When your tires slip, sometimes you fly off your bike into trees.

Luckily I'm harder than trees. Ryan 1 Sapling 0

If you fall you could get your ugly blue leg-warmers dirty

My run in with the tree didn't really feel that sweet, but I continued on because those trails are just so darn fun!

Only one cross race this weekend, so that means a very Pro Saturday is coming. Sleep late, grab some coffee, maybe some pastries, go for a long ride, come home and eat and chill. So Euro, can't wait.

Sunday we are going back to KY for yet another state championship. Word is we are racing the same course we had for the USGP, should be fun, and judging by the pre-reg list, fast too. Do it. Do it.

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Few Ohio Pics

Some dude crashing on the stairs. I had to hop that foo.

Me and Mr. Stars and Bars, Paul Martin

Deep in the Pain Cave coming through the last corner

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ohio State Cross Championships

Won that shit. I had been gettin' some vibes that it was about time to pick up a W, and I finally pulled one out. I was a little worried that all this "catching up" with friends at the bars at home, was getting to me. I had been feeling pretty bad and couldn't really breathe, and on top of that some random muscle near my pelvis has been hurting me lately, mainly when I run. So I had all of these lame excuses ready, but luckily I didn't have to use them.

So I was in the front row at the start line, along with some other pretty fast dudes. This course was pretty roadie style, so I was a bit worried about Ryan Gamm and Paul Martin (2 Time Elite National RR champ), those dudes can roll it pretty hard on the straights. Paul Martin took the hole shot and pretty much did exactly what I was afraid of, he killed it for 2 laps. I was sitting 3rd wheel behind him and Gamm, trying to get settled in. The pace finally slowed for a few laps after he decided to let up. The lead group was 5 dudes or so, who took turns throwing weak attacks off the front, nothing really accomplishing anything. We rode together till they gave us the sign for 2 to go. Paul Martin came to the front and tried to get rid of everyone and that took it down to 4. I think this effort may have actually hurt him a bit because he started to fade coming into the last lap. So I went to the front on the climb on the last lap and put a little effort in to see if anyone would crack, nothing came of it. So Me, Gamm, and some dude wearing an Ace of Spades taped to the back of his helmet, rode together up to the finishing section. It was technical, with 5 or 6 tight turns, leading into a short finishing section on the road. I tried to keep the pace high hoping the wouldn't come around, but they did. I was 3rd wheel entering the first of the tight turns. I took a tight line through the corner and my tires hooked up like whoa. I out sprinted them both the the next corner and dropped the hammer, hoping to hold them off to the line, it worked. I won by about 10 bike lengths and got to throw the hands up. I am pretty stoked. The form is starting to come around just in time for the end of the season. 2 more cross races though, maybe I can win another one or two.

While I was in Ohio, the roommates were in Iowa for Jingle Cross. It sounds like it was pretty brutal, but they kept it real with some top 20's, not too bad considering some of the dudes who showed up.

ok this post is getting a bit novelish, so I'm out.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

To Pro, or Not to Pro...

With the weather getting really cold for the first time this year, I have had to fight common sense when deciding whether or not I am going to wear a helmet or the sweet Pro looking winter beanie. We all know that rockin' the winter cap is very pro and makes you feel pretty cool, but you know what else is not so sweet? Brain hemorrhages. My reasoning for not wearing a helmet sometimes in the winter, is that I hate trying to stuff a big winter hat under my helmet. I have no problem wearing my helmet when it is 45 or so degrees, but I guess I just need to go buy a hat that fits under my helmet, because looking sweet isn't worth spending the rest of your life with brain damage or worse. So anyway, that's what I've been struggling with the last week or so.

So I've got the Ohio State CX champs tomorrow in Columbus. I am dying to win a race and I think this is one of my best chances, since mike is out at JingleCross in Iowa, plus I have been gettin' better every week, so I think its about time to pick up a W. Yesterday I even did some motor pacing to get some speed in my legs, and today I went out and spent some good time on the cross bike and did some openers. I also tried out my new wheels and tires that I got glued up. The glue job got a bit messy, but those tires aren't going anywhere. We'll see how they do in their first race...

In other good news, stuff for our team next year is coming together nicely, it sounds like we may be getting out team Cannondales pretty soon too. I love getting team stuff!

I also just found my camera that I thought was stolen along with my ipod, it was just stuck under the seat and I didn't know it. Score!

Alright, I'm out.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Gettin' Better

So I've been a little slow on getting a Purdue race report up, I've actually been kinda busy. Saturday was a pretty sweet day all together. We left bloomington under perfect skies and sure enough as we drove towards the armpit of Indiana (Lafayette), the sun started to go away and it got colder. It wasn't too bad, but good cyclocross weather. Some cool dudes showed up, guys who I hadn't really seen since Superweek. So the gun went off and I managed to miss my clip in about 7 times, I'm such an amateur. I finally got clipped in and was watching Mike and all the fast guys ride away from me because some dude who had cat 5 handling skills decided that he belonged in front of me and Ryan Gamm. after verbally abusing him for a half lap, he finally got out of the way. I jumped up to the back of the lead group and chilled out for a bit as Mike drove pretty hard. After 30 minutes of racing the lead pack had dwindled to Mike Sherer, Derek Laan, and myself. We couldn't get rid of anybody, so I was trying to decide how the sprint was going to play out. Derek attacked with about 5 corners and a barrier section to go. Mike was on his wheel and I was bringing up the rear. It stayed that was all the way to the finishing straight. Mike and I both came around Derek and took home a 1-2 finish for the house, me finishing behind Mike again... We both took home some good cash, and got back to Bloomington in time to celebrate with the rest of the fans, because IU beat Purdue on a 50 yard field goal with 30 seconds left.

Saturday night we went to see an 80's cover band called Hairbangers Ball. It was pretty cool and hilarious, I would def see them again.

Since I don't really like to make blog entries without pictures, I will leave you with this picture I came across from this summer, and a funny picture of Dave Z at the Slipstream launch.

Road Rash from my lame crash in the Burlington RR

Friday, November 16, 2007


So my frame obviously came in. FINALLY! It was worth the wait though. I love it. Probably my favorite build of mine so far. Now I just need to get a rack for my car so I can put it on top and go pimp my whips.

Cross race tomorrow with some good money at Purdue. I am sad though, because I have to go ride my cx bike and cant ride my new one. I'll survive. It will be nice to get back to having the powermeter for training. OK I'll post tomorrow with a race update from Purdue, that is assuming I don't get suckered into partying after the IU/ Purdue game here.


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Indiana State 'Cross Championships

I saw it coming all week, the rain that is. It was so nice in the days leading up to this weekends race, but everytime I looked at the weather for Sunday, it said RAIN! Of course, the only time the weather man is right, is when I needed him to be wrong.

So it was about 45 degrees and raining when we got to the race and the course was nice and soupy. I was freezing so I kept my rain jacket on for the whole race, plus I thought it might up my chances of not ruining my skinsuit. The race ended up going well for me and I was able to ride at the front most of the time until Mike dropped me with about 15 minutes or so left to go. From there I thought I could maybe hold on to 2nd, but freakin' Ryan Gamm from A&F caught me on the last lap, and I didn't have enough left in the tank to put up much of a fight. I am pleased with my 3rd place, because this cross season has not been so great for me so far. I think a big part of me having a decent race for once was the fact that I was riding Isaac's wheels with some sweet Challenge Tubulars. It is such an advantage to be able to corner with confidence. My new tires should be here tomorrow, and I should be able to glue them up to my sweet new Record Hubs to Reflex rims. Everyone keep their fingers crossed that my frame, spokes and tires all come this week. If all goes well I should have lots of cool new toys to play with very soon. Here are a few post race pics, including our trip to the car wash to get rid of all the turf we took home from Indy.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Not Sweet

This one is going to be short because I'm almost all blogged out for this glorious Saturday. A friend of mine just made/edited this video footage of one of my trips through the sandpit at the USGP in Louisville. Check it out and have sympathy for my man region...

Finally some evidence as to why I didn't go so fast that weekend.

Saturday's Off...

Are awesome. Today I slept in, made my self a little breakfast, and an thinking about going out for a little ride. The point is, when I race so many weekends out of the year, and cross has become a little more serious that I thought it was going to be, these lazy weekends are rare and priceless.

As I was playing around on youtube this morning and came across this video:

Cancellara is a MAN! I can't even imagine what type of power he was putting out for that little over 1 minute effort. This video also reminds me of how I sometimes forget to bring my testicles to races. Cancellara didn't forget his. For the wearer of the Yellow Jersey to make an all or nothing, race winning move like that, when he very easily could have just rolled in mid pack and left the chasing to the other guys... that is just ballsy. He is is the biggest race in the world and decides he isn't content with just wearing yellow, but he wants to go out and win in yellow. Fabian Cancellara mushroom stamped the whole cycling world with one minute long pedal massacre. Things to do for 2008 season: Try to be more like Fabian Cancellara.

I hope anyone who reads this blog, watches this video over and over and realized how awesome that ride was.

The NRC schedule came out this week. Looks like the Alderfer Bergen U25 Development Team will be doing a lot of traveling.
I miss the Road season...

Cross race tomorrow, I'm feelin it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Slow Off-Season Blogging

ok, I have been a pretty lame blogger lately. Sorry! I haven't been racing that much, except for a little Bloomington Underground Cross race. That was more of a social thing than a real race. I've been hitting the weights pretty hard, trying to get sweet legs and maybe make my 10 speed go faster. The IN cross champs are this sunday, maybe I can find some legs and not suck.

On a much better note, i got a new whip. I have been looking for a while and bought an Audi A4 Avant. It gets sweet gas mileage. I also am waiting on my crash replacement frame from Scott. It's a white Addict! I cant wait, but they are being wicked slow. Oh well.

I guess i haven't updated since the Bo Sox became World Series Champions! Life is good!

I'll try to upload some pics of the new car and bike sometime soon.