Friday, November 28, 2008

A Couple Links

Cyclingnews has an awesome article on the wattage savings one can expect to see for certain aero items. They have some unbelievable data in the article. Odds are that if you are visiting your cycling sites and are all the way down the the bottom of your list at my blog, you have probably already been to Cyclingnews and seen the article. If for some reason that is not the case, well HERE you go.

I've got one more nice link for you, that I have also added to my links list on the side, its Biking Bros. It is Chrisitian Meier and Svein Tutf's blog, both new additions to the Garmin squad. Some solid stuff in there. Much better than this thing.

Today I'm heading up to Indy for Turkey Cross with the boys up there. I owe my body some serious beatings after my disgusting behavior at the dinner table yesterday. Luckily I've got Turkey Cross today, Hoosier Cross tomorrow and Kentucky State Championships on Sunday. That should do the trick.

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AH said...

Did you like my hardware store cinderblock and 2x4 barriers? $12, total.

I'm pretty sure those are UCI legal.