Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Squeeky Cross

After the last week of cross riding my bikes are in serious need of attention. I think I may have power washed them everyday for the last 3 or 4 days now, that may be more times than I've washed myself... it's close. Nothing a little WD-40 can't take care of. Turkey Cross and Hoosier Cross were awesome considering I never get to ride with anyone, a group of 20 people on cx bikes was a real novelty. We has some celebrity in attendance as well.

Real P-R-O Jake Rytlewski

And Jr National TT champ Adam Leibovitz

The course was solid with a nice mix of roadie sections, technical stuff, and a huge semi-rideable hill to put you nicely into the red. I wish I could make it out to these more often.

After some Hoosier cross tune ups, I went south an hour to Louisville to the KY state Championships. The venue was where they had the USGP a month or so ago, but we used a slightly modified version. That place and I have a love hate relationship, mostly hate though. This trip to Louisville I did avoid hurting myself in the sand pit that usually gets me in trouble though, moral victory there for sure.

The conditions were pretty cyclocrossy, with some low temps and rain/wind for most of the day. I did my usual preriding and started out with about 25 psi in the tires and by the time the race rolled around I had decided on running 18 psi front and rear. That's the lowest I think I've run since the mud fest at Nationals last year. We'll it turned out to be a decent number because I was able to keep it upright all day and ride a "clean" race to pull out another victory. Luckily there was no sprint to botch this week, but I got some new cleats courtesy of Andy Messer, just in case.

As you can see, people came out in waves to see the spectacle...

Well next week is The Indiana State Championships and the final race in the OVCX series. I've got a nice lead going into the race, but I still need to put in a solid ride to wrap up the overall. I'm starting to back down the training load in order to be nice and rested for Nationals in KC in just under 2 weeks. Hopefully I can kick this sickness that has just attacked me in the last few days and put together a nice end to the year.

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gp said...

18psi?? How do you even put so little air in the tires....by mouth?