Saturday, December 27, 2008

Back at It

Well I survived my week off the bike and it was actually pretty nice because it gave me a chance to catch up with some friends who were around for the holidays and do a whole lot of nothing. I am definitely above my fighting weight at the moment, but not too bad considering the disgusting eating habits I've been displaying recently.

Christmas was good, I wasn't really sure If I would get anything since I couldn't come up with anything that I really wanted. But as usual, the parents came through and found some quality gifts. I'd have to say a couple of the favorites would be my new GPS for the car, and Joe Parkin's new book A Dog in a Hat. The book is awesome, I've only got a couple chapters left, but its shaping up to be one of the best cycling reads I've managed to finish. It's really just about the good, bad, and the ugly of trying to make it racing in Europe.

I've got my first week of training in the books and it's going a good bit better than last year. The knee is cooperating nicely and the weather has been tolerable enough to actually put in the majority of the miles outside. I did 3 hours today and found some really good, long sections of gravel with some good climbing too. My bike is a wreck though, it's almost 70 degrees out, so I may just give it a nice cleaning outside.

I've been watching to see how the group of Americans crossers are doing over in Euro-land and no one has really kidded it yet, but Jamey Driscoll had another solid ride, with a 26th in the World Cup in Zolder. That dude could be the next big thing from the US. Tonight I'm having a little dinner meeting with Toby Cole to talk 2009 schedule and how to finance it. I even made an Excel spreadsheet yesterday. I was really hoping to stay away from Excel forever. I was rusty so say the least. Alright, I've got lots to do before I go, so I'll check ya later.

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