Monday, November 17, 2008

Zipp OVCX #10 -Promotion Cross

Watching the weather all week, I was hoping that I could avoid what seemed to be coming my way this weekend, the first muddy cross race of the season. Well it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it did require a trip to the car wash and few bucks in quarters. It was stop number 10 on the OVCX schedule, Veteran's Park in Lexington, KY. If you've been reading, you know that the cross has been going pretty well of late, but I was still having some trouble getting my head wrapped around the cold and mud. It's normally not a problem, but the first muddy race is always a bit of a shock.

I did less than my usual number of warm up laps in favor of staying in the warm car. The course wasn't too technical, but some of the slippery corners needed full attention. I got an average start and went into the first corner top 5 and Mike came to the front right away and put in a good dig. So after about 1 minute of racing he and I had a bit of a gap. Mike, never one to let the pace slow, kept the hammer down and dragged us well clear of the rest of the field. I sat on for about 3 laps and then decided to test the waters with a hard pull at the front. My little mini move got me some real estate between Mike and I, so I decided to go for it and see if I could hold on for the last 5 laps. Being able to ride solo and have unobstructed lines helped me stretch the gap to a comfortable distance and take home another victory. I'm in pretty unfamiliar territory here, having a little Chicago Bulls-esqe 3 peat going. Believe me, I know that these wins are not USGP's by any means, but just winning a little bit has changed my mentality for the better. I hope I can keep some of this good mental state I've got going, over to the road for next year.

Only 4 race weekends left in my 2009 season. I'll officially be taking a break from the bike after Nationals on December 14th, for some recovery before kicking it up again around the New Year.

Finally, I've got a couple sets of wheels I need to get rid of soon.

2008 Reynold's KOM's with Continental Sprinter Tubular's glued up

2008 Edge 2.68 Wheelset built to DT 240 Hubs with Revolution spokes

Both are lightly used but in great shape. Shoot me an email or comment if you're interested and want more info.

I've got some pictures from this weekend, but I would have to download 821 photo's off of Lauren's camera to import the handful of ones from the bike race. Not sure how I feel about that.

EDIT: Chartier said I had to put the pictures up, so 821 uploaded photos later... here we are.

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Gaz... said...

solid streak going. i enjoy your bulls reference. time to trade will purdue for dennis rodman and begin the repeat three-peat.