Friday, September 26, 2008

Vegas- Not the Bike Race

Our days out here have consisted of not sleeping, going to Interbike, and putting out the vibe at the pool. I have tried to document some of the happenings with the camera, but haven't done such an awesome job yet. I still have one more day to try to try to improve on my photog skillz. The picture above is from our room at the Hard Rock which over looks the ridiculous pool and faces the strip that's a few blocks away.

The Hard Rock keeps some Lambo's on hand just in case someone like me shows up and needs to sit in traffic in style.

The pool out here is sick. Once again, this is the view from our room, but this doesn't do it justice. I'll try to take some better pictures of the scene at the pool. It will be tough to get a good shot because I can hardly see the pool through all the D-Bags standing around it...

Fowler gettin' that money made in the Zipp booth. If he looks pretty important with that phone up to his head, it's because he is!

At a cheap $560, I'm sure I'll have a few pair of tthese very soon.

Tyler Hamilton, Rasaan Bahatti and Fred Rodriguez meeting with the big wigs at Ridley. Looks like Fuji is locked down as their bike sponsor just yet... (Michael Ball was just around the corner looking very important as well.)

These girls asked if they could get a picture with me... I said ok.


AH said...

Dude, I am TOTALLY emailing that last picture to


R.Knapp said...

HA! Feel Free. I'll admit, Vegas brings out the D-Bag in everyone, including me.

AH said...

On second thought, guys like you and I don't even come close to approaching the stellar levels of douchebaggery displayed on that site. We're the equivalent of Continental -- not even Pro Continental.