Monday, September 15, 2008


Coulda gone better... The turn out was awesome. The course was awesome. The weather was less than awesome. There were tornados in the area, supossedly there were 600,000 people in the greater Cincinnatti area without power, but we were cross racin'! Got a good start, and settled in behind Mike at the front to try to avoid the high winds. Mike was just smashing it and blowing the race apart. Soon the front group started to form nicely. As the winds continued to blow, stuff was flying everywhere, course marking stakes were flying like daggers, it was pretty crazy. Well as tree limbs and other garbage was getting blown out of the trees, they had people trying to keep it off the course. They had done pretty well, but managed to miss this vine that was dangling in the trail. I got clothes-lined in the mouth with this damn vine! Seriously. It nearly took my head off, and sent me for a good ride. It busted up my lip nicely, and knocked a couple teeth loose. The guy in front of me hit it and when it swung back, it unloaded nicly on my chops. So rolled around on the ground of a bit, and tried to make sure I atleast still had my teeth, barely. By the time I got my life back together, the front group I was in was 3/4 of a lap up and I wasn't feeling so hot, so I decided to call it a day and go ice my grill. There were lots of mechanical problem out of the course with guys getting the caution tape stuck in their cassettes. It was more like playing Mario Cart than racing cyclocross. Sweet either way.

We were loaded up and ready to smash faces, little did I know it was my face that would be smashed, litterally.

This weekend is the Detroit UCI weekend. Hopefully I my lip wont be so fat by then...