Friday, September 5, 2008

The UPS Man Smells Like Cyclocross

It's officially 'cross season for more reasons than one. The new kit and toys just arrived from the boys at, I'm riding the cross bike on more than the road bike, and I just busted out the first long sleve jersey ride in a few months. Jackson just dumped the cross schedule on me, and it looks pretty nice. Lots of technique practice and the hours aren't going to be too long. Today I rolled down to my usual cross practice spot on the south side of Bloomington. The park has a pretty big pool with slides and lots of fun stuff, well today it was full of dogs. They were having "Drool in the Pool." All the dog owners of Bloomington brought their K9's out for a dip and some socialization. I've really been wanting to buy a dog lately, but lets be honest, the life of a bike racer is not the life of a good pet owner. Maybe some day, like in 10 years or something.

The knee that had been bothering me is on the upswing, and if I'm smart about it, I may be able to find some decent cross form for the Michigan UCI's and Cross Vegas. Contract talk is all over the place, in the Pro Tour, and the Midwest JV leagues. Alderfer Bergen has some good stuff in the works, and the rumors are flying about which midwestern axe murderer is going to which squad for 09. I love it, can't wait to see who ends up where. Well there are tires to be Aquasealed, and since the roomates just bought a Wii, that may get put off for a while. With no pictures and a generally bad blog of late, I'm very impressed if you have made it this far into the entry.

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