Friday, September 19, 2008

Counting Down

The days are few before I peace out for Vegas. The start list just came out for the UCI Elite race, and it looks pretty robust. I like to look at start lists and pick out who I know I can beat for sure, well lets just say there aren't too many of those type guys registered for CrossVegas. In an email from the promoters, they wanted to remind up about "unauthorized drinking on the course" ... or Beer Hand-ups. Fowler had discussed beer hand-ups already and what the situation would have to be for me to take one... looks like none of that will be going down this time.

It works out well that were racing on Wednesday night, because that gives us the rest of the week to see the show and scare poeple at the pool with our wicked tan lines. We're staying at the Hard Rock, word is it's pretty decent. The itnereary looks something like this; Leave Indy @ 6:45AM Wed Arrive in Vegas at 7:45 local time. Maybe we'll hit up interbike for a bit, but hopefully we'll be able to get into the hotel at a decent hour so we can get a few hours of sleep before the race. Festivities at the race course start around 6 or so, with the Wheelers and Dealers CX race. Lou, the man behind my ticket to Interbike will be racing, so I'll be there supporting him for sure. My race starts at 9 Vegas time (midnight Bloomington time), so that is going to make for a seriously long day of travel and racing. Nothing a few dozen Red Bull can't take care of though. The course looks to be pretty roadie friendly, so maybe I can latch on to a group of BA's and hang on for a sweet result.

I've got a bit of business to take care of in Michigan before Vegas though, so I better not get ahead of myself. Must get 1 UCI point...

Here's the Cyclofile Video from CrossVegas last year.

I can't watch that too much or I get way too jacked up, way too early.

Those Cyclofile cross videos on youtube are great. Just search "cyclofile" and you'll get sweet videos from most of the big U.S. races, set to rad tunes.

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HC4L said...

cool vid mate, give that cross some curry