Monday, August 11, 2008

Like A Fish Out of Water

Finally after a week long battle, I have found some internets. Not the puny kind like you find on a blackberry, but the real full blown, picture-packed kind dreams are made of. You see, the reason I couldn't get the internet was because last Tuesday I moved, and between the move, bike racing and working, figuring out how to get the internet to invisibly fly through the air and into my computer got bumped pretty far down the list. But here we are back in the blogosphere, and I can breath again. I wonder what Todd Wells' blog is doing right now...

Training and racing has been on the upswing and I think my form is coming around too. Last week at Elk Grove we raced ok as a team and results were decent to mediocre. I pulled off a 14th and a 17th with a 15th on the GC. Not great, but made some money for myself and the boys. Mike pulled off a nice 7th on day 2 and an 11th place overall to help add to our appropriately sized team pot. Elk Grove was a good bit harder than I remembered it being last year. By the way, Steve Scholzen in an animal.

Speaking of animals, quite a few of the beast I happen to know were out in California this week representing their respective regions well. The midwest faired pretty well pulling down 3 stars and bars jersey's for Indiana. Adam Leibowitz pulled on the jersey in the 17-18 TT. Wes Luzzader won the 17-18 Crit, and Bloomington kid Scott McClary won the 13-14 RR. My bro from my Redlands composite team, Jon Chodroff pulled off a huge W in the Elite TT. Baumann and Phil Gaimon held down very respectable 5th and 4th place results in the U23 RR and Johnny Meyers had some bad luck but still managed a very respectable 12 in the U23 TT. Whew. Congrats to all you bro's, I refreshed the screen on my Blackberry relentlessly looking for your results on Cyclingnews.

Marian crits were this weekend, and they were a bit tougher than I think most people expected. There were 100 plus starters each day, and around 30 or so finished both days. I was 12th and 19th. More mediocrity, but I aint mad about it. I've got some good training in and I'm feeling good vibes for myself and the team at Downers.

The final corner from Marain Day 2


The Zipps are still coming, but I picked these up for a steal.

In honor of the Olympics I used my camera phone to make it seem there is a Beijing-eske smog in my dining room.

Alright I'm off to click on some pop-ups for the fun of it.

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