Monday, August 18, 2008

Bro's Before Pro's

There are a few domestic pros out there that I have looked up to as guys who seem cool or maybe I've had an encounter with that made me think they were a cool bro. Alex Candelario was one of these dudes whom I though was cool, mainly because of his epic facial hair. Well he's not as cool as I thought. I know the pros all dread the pro-am at downers grove because they have to race with all of us lowly amateurs. They of course, were never amateurs, straight from training wheels to contracts... right. I am sick of these mediocre pros riding like dicks and acting like they're above everyone who isn't on a pro team. Jonny Sundt was acting equally lame in the pro-am, but it's no secret that everyone hates him. Enough bitching, those guys were just "pissin' me off a lil bit." On the other hand, Jelly Belly continues to have the coolest group of pro's around. The dudes are fun to race with, and don't take themselves too seriously. As for the racing, results were non existent.

Booked my ticket to Vegas today, got a direct flight even. It's just around the corner and I'm pretty excited to hit up Cross Vegas and check out the city, sans parents. When I was at the grocery store tonight, I saw something that made me realize how close it is to the end of road season

The Fall seasonal brews are already hitting the shelves.

And I'll leave with this little gem I spotted while driving today

I guess if they don't make the type of bumper sticker you need to express your political views, you should just print one up on your computer and tape it up crooked in the window of your Chevy Malibu. Rad.

Also, props to my hella wealthy and sophisticated teammate Chris Chartier. He and his fiance became homeowners today. Sounds classy.


TSK said...

So if I show up with a sixer of that you'll drink it with me?

HC4L said...

soft cunt/low cunt/poor ass/shit talking pro's are d bags, word...whatever happened to saying g'day on the start line??

AH said...

Umm yeah, Sundt is a class-A douchebag. I can say that from personal experience.

Just sayin'...

Chris Uberti said...

Amen about pro(mostly kelly riders)=dickwad

Gaz... said...

i love pissing on things that i hate. czech this website out:

you can dial up, via the InterSlice, anything Calvin has micturated on in the past. none of these, might i add, include The Dude's rug.