Thursday, August 21, 2008

"I said, go up ther and get me a chicken sammich"

One thing I forgot to mention during this weeks previous blogging, was how the SRAM guys hooked me up this weekend. So there I was all faux pro'd out rolling around before the pro-am, and my bike was having some very un-pro symptoms. I took it to the SRAM boys and they turned a few wrenches and diagnosed the my front derailleur was wack. I was sitting there thinking I was gonna have to run to the car and write them a check or something. Nope, those guys busted out a brand new FORCE (an upgrade from my busted Rival)front derailleur, and slapped that baby on there "FO' FREE!" Maybe it was my SRAM sweatband, maybe they're just that nice. Whatever it was, thanks SRAM guys! Next time those dudes help you out with something make sure to actually say thanks, because I'm sure it gets pretty old dealing with a bunch of chachies all year who complain about their "slow" wheel change that cost them a race...

Nintendo 64 Kid


The original version drags on a bit, but the remix is top notch.

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vinicky said...

haha that would be a good victory salute. take note for cyclo!