Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Yes I Love Technology"

I've had some new technological developments in my life recently. As some of you know, I used to have an iphone. I bought the iphone because I thought it would make me friends, it didn't. I just had lots of problems and finally I had to sit at the Apple store and wait for an appointment to get it looked at. Long story short, I got the phone replaced, but with another lemon. My new one died about 24 hours after I got it. I was pretty pissed and didn't want to go through the same hell again at the Apple store, so I decided to cut my loses and ditched the iphone and my crappy AT&T service. Now I'm back on good ol' Verizon and my new phone doesn't work like a pager, tight. In case you were doubting my lameness, thinking I may have gotten cooler and ditched the trendy phone thing, nope... still lame. I got a Blackberry, you wanna be friends now?

Oh Sam's Club, how I love you. I got my new computer at Sam's Club, basically free. Seriously, it was the last one and I got a smokin' deal since it was the display model. I don't care where it spent the first few months of it's life. In a box or on display, it's still new to me!

Don't worry, I haven't given up bike racing to work at Sam's Club. I do still race and did a couple bike derby's this weekend. I've been a bit apothetic in some of my races recently, and frankly, I'm pissing myself off. I think it's a combination of things, Superweek being kind of hard, my brain attempting to check out on road racing and get in CX mode, and me generally being an L7 weeener. I've got it under control now though and am excited to go out and race with my team and throw down some results in these coming weekends.

I've got to leave you with this nice link.

Super Euro Full Length Cross Vids

Now this link may not be for everyone, but for those who do fancy an hour + of Lars Boom (I know I do), enjoy.

Wednesday Worlds is on tap for tomorrow. I'm excited to be back after a few weeks away from Worlds. See you tomorrow bro's.

EDIT: Almost forgot, New Team Site Not quite all of the content is there, but it's a start.

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It's getting dark and the chicks in bikini's washing ferrari's are gone.

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