Friday, July 11, 2008

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Hey all, Since my last post I've enjoyed a nice little break and am back to all things cycling, full on for the next month or so. In my last post I told of my 4th of July plans. All I want to say about that is that I didn't lose any hair. I'm feeling pretty good mentally and physically after that little break, and am chomping at the bit to do some road racing. I say road racing, because I was trying to take all of last week off from bike racing, but I accidentally raced mountain bikes on Sunday. I normally find one weekend or so a year to break out the mtb (or borrow one) and punish myself. I really just wanted to get a good effort in, and after going out waaay too hard and face planting a time or two, I packed it in. It was nice to get out and see the mtb crowd, but it sure made me miss the road scene too.

So did you see that Manuel Beltran got busted and booted from the tour? Hil-arious. What an idiot. Just another one of Lance's boys to get popped. But hey, I'm sure Lance was clean...

Aside from the lame dopers, I think this tour has had one of the most exciting first weeks I can remember. I'm not quite sure how I feel about the no time bonuses, but the racing has been awesome, and the Amurican teams have been holding it down in the team competition. I'm still hoping to see the Garmin-Chipotle boys pick up a stage win (Frishkorn was sooo close!), but there's lots of racing to come.

I've got a fair bit of racing on tap as well. I'll be in Louisville this weekend, then a week or so of Superveeek. After that a bunch more crits in August and it's almost cyclocross time. I'm pretty excited to get a whack at another NRC crit tomorrow, because the few NRC crits I've done this year have been after a week of stage racing... should be painful.

Alright, off to do some race prep and start hydrating for tomorrow. Word is it's supposed to be like a hundred degrees or some bull.

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